Why You Might Need Concrete Paving

When it comes to paving projects, the type of material you choose will have an enormous impact on the outcome. This not only applies to the durability of your new pavement but also the quality of the resulting work. Think about it. What would you rather have; a messy, sand filled driveway or a smooth, clean and very reliable pavement?

Ask any professional contractor and they’ll tell you that concrete paving products are the only way to go these days. That’s because in addition to being light years ahead in durability, concrete allows for a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and styles for your paving projects. Of course, the fact that it’s also affordable and readily available doesn’t hurt either. If you’re considering having some work done on your walkways, driveways, patios and roads, then here are some compelling reasons why you might need concrete paving all the way.

High Strength and Durability

As with any other paving projects, it pays to consider the lifespan of your investment. When it’s all said and done, concrete remains the most durable material on the planet. It is built to endure the heat and pressure placed on a daily basis by vehicles, heavy objects, and endless foot traffic.

Some concrete pavers are manufactured in steel molds under exacting factory conditions and intense dimensional tolerances resulting in a product that is far stronger than regular concrete and more durable than asphalt. This process creates high-density units that show superior stability under heavy loads with strengths of up to 8000 PSI. Concrete pavers can last for 20 to 40 years without much wear.

Easy Installation and Versatility

With flat bottoms, tight fitting shapes, interlocking features and identical sizes, concrete paving offers some of the easiest installation in the industry. Unlike natural stone and asphalt that requires fitting and spreading, all you have to do here is lay down the paving quicker and easier. Combine all these features with the fact that concrete pavers are available in a myriad of shapes, patterns, colors and sizes and you have one heck of a versatile product.

This is why concrete paving is ideal for both commercial and residential application. This versatile technique is popular for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, golf cart paths, roof gardens and pretty much anywhere else you can think of that will benefit from a firm, non-skid surface.

Weather Resistance and Resilience

The fact that concrete pavers are super weather resistant makes the ideal for any type of climate. Traditional concrete and asphalt pavements tend to crack due to abuse from the elements. This, however, is no problem with concrete pavers since they have joints in between as well as flexible systems for movement.

It is this system that moves in unison with the earth’s natural tendency to swell and contract that makes concrete paving last longer and avoid damage. Additionally, concrete paving resists rapid deterioration that results from the freezing and thawing cycles. Combined with the industry standards for water absorbency, your concrete paving will not crack, split or crumble.

Low Costs

Since concrete pavers are manufactured using machines, they are far less expensive when compared to naturally occurring materials such as clay, granite, and sandstone. This also means that they are more common and readily available in stores worldwide. And since the life expectancy of these pavers is about 20 to 40 years, this translates to fewer repairs and replacements.

Virtually No Maintenance Required

When it’s all said and done, concrete paving is the lowest maintenance paving technique you will ever find that requires even lower life cycle costs than poured concrete, asphalt, and other materials. The only maintenance required with the paving is routine sweeping as well as a good rinse with a hose pipe every now and then. And should a few weeds and plants grow in between the pavers, a little spray ought to sort that issue right out.

Final Word

These are just but a few of the numerous reasons why you might need concrete paving around your home, office or neighborhood. It may seem like a costly undertaking at first, but when you consider the longer lifespan and less maintenance; concrete paving remains the best investment for a broad range of projects.